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Whether new to RVing or a long-time owner, maintaining your RV’s integrity requires trusted support. Our experts work to service, restore, and repair vehicles to perform their best.

Standard $899.99*

Battery inspection; tire, brake, axle and leaf spring inspection; propane leak test; test smoke and propane detectors; perform water heater, AC and refrigerator service; inspect water system and holding tanks; inspect all electrical outlets for voltage and correct polarity; and more!

Premium $1249.99*

ALL Standard plus slideout service (all slide outs) and perform wheel bearing pack service.

Six Batteries $269.99*

Single Battery $79.99*

Top off fluids, clean terminals and posts, test amps/volts, and apply anti-corrosive (up to six batteries).


Recommended annually to help ensure safe travels. Inspect regulators and LP tanks; check all LP detectors; conduct drop pressure test; complete a line pressure test.


Perform annually for operating safety and fuel efficiency. Clean main burner orifice; clean blower wheel; clean/Inspect/Adjust electrode assembly; test module board/inspect and clean board contacts; clean and inspect combustion chamber; inspect fan motor; clean and inspect vent tubes and outer casing; reassemble furnace using new gaskets.


Recommended annually for operating safety and fuel efficiency. Check condition of anode rod; check relief valve; adjust burners and electrodes; check thermocouple; check module board; check complete operation; check burner assembly remove nests, bugs, webs, etc.


Recommended annually to maintain trouble-free operation and long life. Verify unit is air tight in compartment; refrigerator is properly vented (roof and sidewall); clean and adjust burner and orifice; inspect and test all door seals; check LP pressure and proper voltage; clean roof vent and check baffle.


Orientates the customer with: exterior components, interior components and dashboard leveling systems.


Recommended annually to improve performance and operating efficiency. Examine shroud for cracks and damage; check compressor voltage; check compressor amperage; remove and clean A/C filter; clean and unclog A/C roof drains; check air temperature drop across the evaporator coil.


Includes comprehensive inspection points in these areas. Check inverter and/or converter; check all electrical outlets; check generator system; check plumbing for leaks and proper operation; check LP systems; check all appliances.


Manufacturers recommend this service annually. Clean roof with specially designed cleaning agents and apply UV-Blocking treatment to protect roof.


Perform every 6 months to prevent electrical failures and maintain safe operation. 12 volt, hot skin test, all lights, monitor panel, 110-Volt system polarity, converter operation and output, shore cord and circuit breakers and generator operation and output.


Perform annually to help keep appliances and accessories operating efficiently and provide trouble-free travels. Check all of the following for proper operation: antennas, water heater, awnings, furnace, refrigerator, TVs, DVD players, range/oven, washer/dryer, roof A/Cs.

Basic $109.99*

Complete $159.99*

Drain fresh water tank and water heater; blow out water lines with compressed air, including toilet, shower and sinks; fill P-Traps with anti-freeze; pump anti-freeze through water lines with water heater bypass already installed; includes up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze.

Gas RV (up to 8 qts) $199.99*

Gas RV (up to 20 qts) $329.99* Manufactures recommend this every 6 months or 3000 miles. Lube chassis, check transmission fluids, battery water level, differential fluid, coolant level; inspect wiper blades and top off washer fluid.

Gas $139.99*

Diesel $269.99*

Manufacturers recommend this service every 75 operating hours or 12 months to maintain trouble-free operation and long life. Change oil and filter; service includes required oil and filter. If needed, generator removal and any additional parts will be an extra charge.

Gas $269.99*

Clean and check battery and connections; visual inspection of exhaust system; clean spark arrester; verify CO detector and operation; check air filter — replace as necessary; change oil and filter; perform load test; check fuel filter/replace as nece

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