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Performance Center Upgrade Options

Do you have a performance improvement project? Our specialists can help you with RV battery upgrades, leveling systems, RV electronics upgrades, and more. Work with our professional team to help them understand the changes you want to make and then let us execute to give you the RV of your dreams.

  • Adds weather protection
  • Adds an extra barrier against rain leaks
  • Keeps leaves, limbs, & sap drippings off the slide roof
  • Increase your available 12-Volt power with upgrades to High Performance and Lithium battery
  • Add a voltage monitoring system to track your available power and charge levels
  • Ideal for keeping your batteries topped off while dry camping
  • Excellent option for campsites with no hook-ups
  • Converters that are compatible with Lithium battery charging
  • Inverters that can run 110 VAC components without having the camper plugged in
  • Camping anywhere and have the power you need
  • Use the fuel source already available in your RV. No need to carry a separate fuel tank
  • No need to wheel around or carry a generator when you have one permanently installed
  • Access all your favorite television shows from anywhere
  • Keep the kids occupied when it’s raining outside
  • Use the campground’s Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi extender
  • Wi-Fi extenders means you don’t have to use cell phone data
  • Use a service providers sim card to create a hotspot for your whole family
  • Monitor activity while you’re driving
  • Must have for backing into campsites
  • Added security at night when monitors are brought inside the camper
  • Reduce the risk of your pipes & tanks freezing in cold weather
  • Increase the length of your camping season into late fall and early spring
  • Never run out of hot water by upgrading to an On-Demand tankless water heater
  • Specialty Fifth Hitches for ball style connections
  • Goose neck pin box replacements for many applications
  • Pivoting pin boxes for short bed trucks
  • Adjustable Draw Bars and Ball Mounts
  • Hydraulic auto Leveling for your motorhome
  • 6-Point auto Leveling for your Fifth Wheel
  • 4-Point auto Leveling for your Fifth Wheel
  • 5-Point auto leveling for your Travel Trailer
  • New Premium tires
  • Tire pressure monitoring from inside truck or RV
  • Monitor your tire pressure from your cell phone
  • Monitor the pressure of your inside dually tires
  • Provides better control of the RV and towed vehicle
  • Decreases stopping distance in panic situations
  • Reduces brake heat build-up going down steep grades
  • Required by most states
  • Helps keep your RV centered in the event of a tire blowout
  • Assists in “return-to-center” steering during high winds and road hazard conditions
  • Reduces wobble in the steering column
  • Helps ease sudden jerks off the vehicle when the RV accidentally edges off the shoulder of the road
  • Motorcycle Mounts Inside your Toy Haulers
  • Looking for something to upgrade or enhance your camping experience? Ask us to help.

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