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RV Renovation

Have a renovation project? Our team can help you with collision repairs on your RV and renovations you may be thinking about doing. Our renovation team specializes in flooring and cabinet upgrades, lighting and HVAC upgrades, and so much more. Work with our professional team to help them understand the changes you want to make and then let us execute to give you the RV of your dreams.

The proper window treatment can dramatically transform the interior of your RV. We offer the following window treatments and will install them for you.
  • Blinds
  • Day-Night Shades
  • Curtains & Privacy Curtains
  • Power Shades
  • Windshield Sun Screens
The furniture your RV starts with isn’t the furniture you have to live with. Upgrade to something more your style and let us install it in your RV. We can install all of the following:
  • Sofas
  • Sofa Beds
  • Recliners
  • Captain Chairs
Everyone needs storage space, and that’s where cabinetry comes in. If you’re interested in changing or upgrading your cabinetry, we’re more than happy to help. We focus on the following cabinetry services:
  • Cabinet Upgrades
  • Flat Screen TV Cabinets
  • Cabinet Repair
Flooring doesn’t last forever and if you want to upgrade or simply change your RV’s flooring, let our professionals install your new flooring correctly. We can install all of the following types of materials:
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Laminate
The more you use your appliances the more you may feel the need to upgrade. Our renovation team can not only help you select the best appliances for your RV but install them. Appliances we commonly replace include:
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens and Ranges
  • Washers and Dryers
If you want to upgrade your faucet or sink, our team can help. We will remove the old faucet and sink and install the new one.
Tubs and shower enclosure replacements and upgrades can be quite the job. Instead of taking it on yourself, let our professionals do the renovation for you.
Having the right HVAC system installed in your RV is important. Let our renovation team either upgrade or add to your current system to ensure you have the best possible heating and cooling solution for your RV. We can help with all of the following:
  • Replacing Vent Lids
  • Adding Additional Vents and Ductwork
  • Adding Air Conditioning Units
Entertainment systems in RVs are often dated. Let our team help you to upgrade to the latest technology. We can help install all of the following and more:
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Satellite Systems
  • Stereo Systems
  • TV Antennas
  • Wi-Fi Routers
Lighting inside and outside of your RV can help make the RV feel much more inviting. Let our renovation professions upgrade and add to the lights currently in your RV. We focus on using the latest LED and fluorescent lighting to make your rig as inviting as possible.
If you’ve been sleeping on an old mattress, then it’s likely time to upgrade. Our renovation team will remove and dispose of the old mattresses and get your new mattresses installed. We handle bunks, full, queen, and king mattresses.
Interior ceiling panels don’t last forever, and if they’ve been damaged in any way they will need to be replaced. Our team can handle this often messy work and ensure that your RV is restored to its former glory.
Window coverings are one thing, but at some point, your RV is going to require new windows altogether. Our professional window installers are up to the task. Let us remove your RV’s old exterior windows and install some new and more energy-efficient windows in their place.
The exterior of your RV takes a beating. Our paint and graphics team can restore the exterior of your RV and make it look brand new. We can do both paint and graphics or just remove and replace the graphics on your RV if they’re peeling for faded. Let us help keep your rig looking perfect. 
Keeping your RV clean and ready for the road is no easy feat. Our professional detailing team can do everything that needs to be done to ensure your RV stays as pampered as it should. Here’s a list of our services:
  • Wash and Wax
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Paint and Upholstery Sealing
Your awning provides you shade and a comfortable place to sit and relax. Let us keep it nice. Whether your RV’s awning needs just a little care or a full replacement, we can help. Let us do an assessment and then suggest the best course of action.

RV Collision Repair

On the road, anything can happen, and when it’s bad, we’re here to help fix whatever went wrong. Camping World’s team handles far more than just collision service. Here’s our full suite of services that we can provide to you.

Freezing temperatures can severely damage your RV’s sewer and water systems. If this happens to you, let our team of service professionals assess the damage and replace your RV’s water system’s components as needed.
Just like with a regular home, fire damage can be a huge issue in an RV. Even if the damage is minor, our service team can help get your RV back to feeling like your home on wheels. We can handle all of the following:
  • Smoke and Soot Removal
  • Mechanical and Electrical Repair
  • Roofing Repair
  • Flooring Replacement and Repair
  • Wall Replacement and Repair
  • Exterior Fiberglass and Metal Skin Repair
As you probably know, water damage is prevalent and can wreak havoc on various components and the very structural integrity of your RV. Let our professional water damage team handle any issues you have with leaks or water damage. We can assess the issue and take the necessary steps to repair it. Common water damage service includes:
  • Seal Tech Water Leak Detection
  • Wall Replacement and Repair
  • Floor Replacement and Repair
  • Ceiling Replacement and Repair
Rodents and other small critters will likely try to make a home for themselves inside your RV at some point. When that happens they damage your RV. Let our team fix whatever damage is the cause and safeguard your RV against these pests in the future.
Most RV companies use fiberglass because of its lightweight qualities and its strength. However, if damaged, you’ll need the help of a professional. Let our team restore or replace any fiberglass parts that sustain damage. Common fiberglass repairs include:
  • RV Body and Collision Repair
  • Fiberglass Front and Rear Caps, Sidewalls, and Roof Repair
  • Fabrication and Gel Coating
Paint fades and chips over time. If your RV is experiencing this, let our professional team assess the damage and do a complete paint repair on your RV, complete with custom paint, a clear coat application, and decal repair or replacement.
A tire blowout can lead to numerous issues. Yes, the tire will need to be replaced, but you may also have additional parts or components damaged during the blowout. Let our team check our RV and determine if there is any other damage. If any is found, we will handle those repairs, too.
RV roofs really take a beating between the hot sun, inclement weather, and everything in between. Regular maintenance can help with longevity, but at some point, you’ll need to repair or replace your RV’s roof. Let our professional RV roofing team handle the job. We can tell you how much life your roof has left, recommend the proper action, and perform the service.
Windshields and windows can be damaged like any other part of your RV. When that happens let our qualified team of window specialists replace your RV’s windows. We have the capability to do window repairs on all types of RVs.
If the aluminum body of your RV is damaged, take it to our professional collision team. We can repair or replace the metal skin of any travel trailer and fifth-wheel.
Awning and slide toppers are often damaged or just become worn out. If you notice your awning or slide topper not working properly, let our service team inspect them and make the necessary repairs.
Storm damage happens, and when it does you need a professional who truly understands the ins and outs of your RV. Hail, wind, and sand can cause issues with multiple parts of your RV, our service team knows how to handle it all.
Holding tank issues are dreaded by all RV owners. The good news is you don’t have to deal with it. Let our professional team repair or replace your holding tanks when something goes awry. 
If you have repairs that are covered by your original equipment warranty, then the Camping World service and care team can take care of it, allowing you to get back on the road.
Cabinets are susceptible to wear and damage just like any part of your RV. When something does go wrong, our professional cabinet repair team is here to help.

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