A lightweight, compact travel trailer punching well above its weight.

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Why the Rockwood Geo-Pro?

Lightweight travel trailers have grown in popularity in recent years. More people are looking for an economical and environmentally-conscious RV that can be pulled with a crossover or SUV. While there are many smaller travel trailers out there, Rockwood RVs stand out when compared to the competition.

The Rockwood Geo-Pro is one of the most popular models and for good reason. It offers superior construction, multiple floorplans, and a long list of innovative and unique features. The Geo-Pro is a compact, lightweight package ranging from around 1,200 to 3,200 pounds and varying in length from 11 ½ to 20 feet.

Multiple, Purpose-Built Floorplans

  • The Geo-Pro from Rockwood offers 11 different floorplans, giving customers plenty of versatile options to choose from.
  • The G16TH is one of the few toy hauler designs in a travel trailer of this size and price point. The garage space is 8 feet 8 inches long and 5 feet wide.
  • The G12RK and G12SRK are purpose-built for the adventurer with a bed or gaucho bed and a kitchen.
  • Options with a bathroom that still come in under 2,500 pounds include the G14FK and G15TB. The dinette turns into a bed on these models best-utilizing the compact space.
  • If you need something a little bigger, the G19FBS and G19QB both offer slides and queen beds in a trailer that’s only 20 feet long.
  • Need some extra beds for the kiddos and guests? The G16BH and G19BH offer bunks, and the G17PR has an expandable bed.
  • No matter what floorplan you choose, you’ll still be under 3,200 pounds and likely be able to get all the features and amenities you need.

Excellent Construction Process

  • Rockwood’s tested construction process is the basis for all Geo-Pro travel trailers. The model features a six-sided aluminum cage that the rest of the RV—much of which is also constructed from aluminum—is built around.
  • The use of aluminum materials is more expensive than using wood, but the superior strength and durability of the metal and the double-weld process used will pay off in the long run.
  • Rockwood’s commitment to higher-quality materials and construction methods doesn’t end with the use of aluminum. The company vacuum bond laminates the roof, sidewalls, and end walls in-house. This helps with quality control and ensures customers get the best product.
  • Additionally, Rockwood uses Azdel panels instead of Iuan where possible. Azdel doesn’t absorb moisture like Iuan.
  • The Geo-Pro includes EZ-lube torsion axles with independent wheel suspension and self-adjusting brakes. These components together provide a smoother ride and towing experience than many other RVs of this size.
  • With the quality construction and smoothness on the road, the Geo Pro ends up requiring less maintenance, and the trailer is backed by a 10-year limited warranty in case anything serious does go wrong.
  • Another example of the Geo-Pro’s superior construction is the cabinetry. Instead of using staples to connect stiles like many competitors, the company predrills holes and uses pocket screws. This ensures strong, sturdy cabinetry for years to come.

Modern and Innovative Features

  • In a small RV, windows are important, and the Geo-Pro has plenty of them in every floorplan. This makes for a more open feel in the RV.
  • The Geo-Pro was built for adventurers, and that’s evident based on the optional hitch-mounted bike rack and roof-mounted crossbars that make taking along a kayak or paddleboard easy.
  • Boondockers will love the roof-mounted solar panel with a 1000-Watt converter that comes standard.
  • Every Geo-Pro that comes with a shower has the Shower Miser Water Saver system installed to help conserve water while on the go.
  • You can also get a 13,500 BTU AC unit if you plan on camping in hot environments.
  • If you’re going to do some hardcore off-roading, consider the off-road package that adds a lift kit and 15-inch Mud rover radial tires to the trailer.

The Rockwood Geo-Pro is right at home boondocking in the middle of the woods or parked at a campground with plenty of amenities. No matter what you’re looking for in a travel trailer, you’ll find the Geo-Pro can deliver better than the competition.