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Happier Camper is revolutionizing the travel-trailer industry with its modular Adaptiv® system and forward-thinking design. From camping to glamping, overland to off-the-grid, Happier Camper’s dedication to innovation means you’ll be ready for any adventure.

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Create the Perfect Camper

A unique, ultra-lightweight travel trailer you can tow with your car.

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A Camper Designed for You

Happier Camper’s HC1, equipped with the unique Adaptiv® system provides you with a modular travel trailer that can be towed by many cars or crossovers. This modular/flexible/dynamic system allows for near-limitless configurations opening the door not only to unique adventures but comfortable ones, too. If you can imagine it, the HC1 can adapt its configuration in that way. Camping World wants to help you find the trailer of your dreams, so you’ll be a happy camper every time you set off.

What is Adaptiv®?

Adaptiv® is the unique modular grid system built into every Happier Camper. It empowers you to easily customize your RV as your needs change. It also enables easy reconfiguration on the go. Just pick up the different components and move them to create unique and useful layouts for sleeping, lounging, dining, and more. As your trips change with the seasons or the number of people you bring along, so can your camper. This makes Happier Camper’s HC1 the best option for unique lifestyles and growing families.

Meet the HC1

The HC1’s careful design enables campers to enjoy adventures as they see fit. Its ground-breaking flexibility in an ultra-light, modern package means you’ll be able to configure its footprint into the most functional space you can think of.

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Adaptiv® Components

Don’t settle for a single configuration. The Adaptiv® floor grid gives you the flexibility to change your floorplan on the fly. This modular design is built of various components. That means you can instantly adjust the interior of your travel trailer to better suit your needs. These modular components can be easily rearranged, stacked, and even used outside of your camper.

There are various components designed to give you everything you need to build the space you want to spend time in. Here’s are the Adaptiv® components:

  • Modular cubes and countertop lids
  • Form-fitting, surrounding cushions with Sunbrella fabric
  • Nesting floor panels, outdoor patio table base, and tabletop
  • Flip-n-lock countertop extension for the kitchenette
  • Cooler cube
  • Revolutionary dry-flush toilet system
  • Toilet cover component
  • Locking hardware for sidewalls and cubes