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Apply for credit online or in person. Fill out a credit application online and our dealership team will contact you once approved.

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Whether trading in your current RV or putting money down, we identify any competitive advantage to find the best financing terms available.

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We take your information and search our network of over 300 trusted lenders to find your ideal rate and terms.

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RV Financing FAQs

I found an RV I want to finance. What’s next?

The easiest way to get started is by getting prequalified. If you’ve found a unit online at Camping World, simply click on the form and submit your information. Don’t have a unit in mind? Fill out our complete online credit application to get prequalified at your preferred dealership.

What information do I need to apply for a loan?

When applying for credit online, you will need to provide identification information, including your social security number and date of birth, residential information, including your address and whether you rent or own, and employment information, including your monthly income.

You must also state if you plan to file jointly with a spouse and provide similar information for the co-applicant.

How do I find the right lender?

When you partner with Camping World to finance your next RV, we access our network of over 300 lenders to match you with the best option. We use your credit application and interview information to find the ideal lender.

We work with both national and local lenders to find you the best match. If you have a relationship with a credit union, we likely have a lender agreement set in place already and can facilitate your loan through them.

Can I get a loan with zero-down?

We work with select lenders that offer zero-down loan programs. They require specific credit criteria to qualify, which may include your credit score, the requested loan amount, and your ability to make payments.

In addition to zero-down, some programs offer the possibility of a deferred first payment.

What is the process at a dealership once I’m prequalified?

Our goal at the dealership is to help you purchase your ideal RV. We take your information, match you with a lender, and work to find a payment that fits your budget. Our team looks at all factors that could influence your approval — including how much you can put down, potential trade-in value, and your preferred monthly payment — and uses that information to find an agreeable plan.

I want to trade in my RV, too. What should I know?

Camping World will offer top dollar for your used RV. When you are ready to purchase a new RV, we will need to determine whether you own the RV or are making payments, what you still owe on the vehicle, and its trade-in value. We conduct a professional, no-cost, no-obligation trade appraisal of your RV on-site to determine its worth.

Before visiting the dealership, you may use the Good Sam RV Valuator to receive an estimate of your RV’s worth based on real-time demand trends, new and used wholesale and retail pricing, and proprietary RV sales data.

Why should I get prequalified?

Getting prequalified gives us the best chance to find competitive loan rates for your RV purchase. This information also helps us identify ways to improve your position. Our expert financing team will determine the best way to apply your situation to purchasing a new RV, and that process starts by getting prequalified.

1The following is an example, and the rates and terms can vary. A $76,000 loan for purchase of a recreational use RV for 20 years with a fixed rate of 4.12% would have an estimated APR of 4.12% and 240 payments of $467.05. Processing fee of cannot be included in the loan. 2Estimated APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the annual cost of the loan, which includes other charges and fees. Actual rate, loan amount and term can vary depending on the lender, FICO score, credit history, lender assets/liquidity requiremnets, debit and payment to iincome ratios, collateral type, age of collateral, loan amount, loan term, loan to value, vehicle registration (LLC), loan type (Purchase versus Refinacne), state of residency and other criteria. Rates are subject to loan program requirements and credit approval. Rates and terms may vary and are subject to change without notice. Credit score can vary depending on the credit reporting agency. Closing cost, official fees such as state tax, title and registration. FL doc stamp fee and/or UCC filing fees may apply. APR applied to the loan is the APR in effect on the date the application is received by the lender and is valid for 30 days upon credit approval. Above rates are for 2021 RV model year or newer. RV model years 2007-2011 are subject to a rate increase. Call for rates on diesel pushers model years 2002-2006. Loan to value is calculated using an advance percentage against collateral value. Collateral value established using lender-approved industry valuation guide(s.) Other rates and loan terms are available.